Hiker Series; Part Iii – Sage by Alexaaddams Leaked Free

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Video Title: HIKER SERIES; part III – Sage
Model Name: Alexaaddams
Video Duration: 12:02 min
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 353.52 MB

In the thrilling continuation of the HIKER SERIES, Sage embarks on a solo hike in the enchanting woods. Little does she know, an ominous presence lurks in the shadows, closely observing her every move. Suddenly, her stalker emerges from the trees, igniting a heart-pounding chase that ends with Sage being forcefully tackled to the ground and subdued. Helpless, she finds herself bound and chained to a tree, her freedom stripped away.

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With a bandana gagging her cries for help, Sage becomes a prisoner to her stalker’s sadistic desires. The boundaries of domination and submission blur as her captor takes full advantage of her vulnerability. From passionate fingering that leaves her trembling to intense deepthroating that pushes her to her limits, Sage experiences a tormenting journey of pain and pleasure.

As her stalker ruthlessly uses her body, Sage is left abandoned and chained to a tree, vulnerable to anyone who happens upon her in the depths of the woods. The HIKER SERIES; part III – Sage takes you on a wild ride through the wilderness, exploring themes of discipline, punishment, and the dark allure of forbidden desires. Brace yourself for a riveting encounter between domination and submission, unleashing a side of nature that is as electrifying as it is taboo.