Draining My Virgin Glove Slave Part 2 by Bellatrix Bandit Leaked Free

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Video Title: Draining My Virgin Glove Slave Part 2
Model Name: Bellatrix Bandit
Video Duration: 09:39 min
Video Resolution: 3840×2160
File Size: 860.51 MB

In this highly anticipated sequel, the devious villainess Bellatrix Bandit returns to wreak havoc on unsuspecting virgins with her wicked super soft gloves. With powers fueled by teasing and draining, she mesmerizes and renders her helpless victims in her secluded lair. As the viewer, you are tantalized by the thought of being under her control, knowing that your virgin cum is the key component for her beauty and seductive strength.

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But beware, for Bellatrix is not one to be crossed. She warns her potential pleasure pet to not rush or be too eager to join her, or risk being left throbbing, aching, and begging for release in isolation. The mere thought of sullying her super gloves with your cum instills fear and excitement, with the possibility of being locked up in chastity as punishment for your greediness. Can you withstand the super luxurious touch of her gloved hands and adhere to her strict commands?

As you embark on this forbidden journey, Bellatrix promises both treats and tricks for those who prove themselves worthy. She takes pleasure in the post-orgasmic squirming of virgin slaves like you, relishing in the power she holds over your desires. Will you succumb to her powers, or will you prove yourself as a resilient virgin boy wonder? Discover the untold secrets and uncover the boundaries of pleasure in this captivating continuation of dominance and submission.