Double Bubble Butt Bouncing & Farts by Blazed Brat Leaked Free

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Video Title: Double Bubble Butt Bouncing & Farts
Model Name: Blazed Brat
Video Duration: 08:25 min
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 1.01 GB

Join Blazed Brat and Misha as they indulge in some post-party chat, relishing in the aftermath of their indulgent night filled with delectable eats and ample gas. As they share their gassy adventures, a mischievous idea takes root in their minds. The scene shifts to the basement dungeon, where two slaves find themselves tightly bound back-to-back with duct tape muffling their lips.

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With the stage set, it’s time for Blazed Brat and Misha to unleash their farting prowess upon the hapless slaves. Ensuring maximum impact, they expertly position their bubble butts, momentarily pulling away before pressing their superior derrieres back onto the slaves’ faces, sealing any escape for the pungent aroma. The air becomes saturated with the unmistakable scent of their powerful flatulence, overwhelming the senses.

Just as the room gets ahold of the overwhelmingly intense stench, Misha realizes that mere farting won’t suffice. Seeking to assert her authority, she removes the tape from one of the slaves’ mouths and instructs him to open wide. Meanwhile, Blazed Brat seamlessly continues her farting assault. Misha proceeds to feed her slave, emphasizing the complete control they hold over their captives in the Club Stiletto dungeon. Enter their world of dominance and gas, if you dare.