We Worked Out, Now You Work Out, Licking Our Pits by Blazed Brat Leaked Free

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Video Title: We Worked Out, Now you Work out, Licking Our Pits
Model Name: Blazed Brat
Video Duration: 07:25 min
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 722.66 MB

Join Blazed Brat and Mistress Yaz in this intense and exhilarating workout session! As the scene opens, you witness the visible evidence of their vigorous exercise – sweat pouring down their bodies and a strong, intoxicating stench filling the air. It’s a stroke of luck for their devoted slave, who revels in their body odors and fluids. Instructed to deeply inhale the lingering aroma from their armpits, the slave eagerly obeys, relishing every moment of their intoxicating scent.

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As the slave diligently worships their pits, a mischievous idea strikes Blazed Brat’s mind. She suggests that in future workouts, the slave should be present to fan them, satisfying their need for a constant breeze. Why waste electricity with overhead fans when a loyal servant can provide the perfect cooling system? Such a delightful notion would surely enhance their training sessions, allowing the mistresses to push themselves even further and intensify their sweaty, addictive aroma.

Be prepared to witness the ultimate display of devotion as Blazed Brat and Mistress Yaz coax their submissive slave into a wholly unique experience. This 7-minute, high-resolution video captures the raw power dynamics and unapologetic sensuality that these dominant women effortlessly exude. Succumb to the temptation of their captivating workout session and indulge in the sweet taste of their sweat-drenched armpits. Are you ready to join them in their extraordinary journey of pleasure and submission?