Tr86 Bad Dragon Bruce & Bruces Portside Unboxing & Review by Brooke Dillinger Leaked Free

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Video Title: tr86 Bad Dragon Bruce & Bruces Portside Unboxing & Review
Model Name: Brooke Dillinger
Video Duration: 14:42 min
Video Resolution: 3840×2160
File Size: 1.25 GB

Join Brooke Dillinger in this thrilling 4k unboxing and review video as she dives into the world of Bad Dragon with their exclusive Bruce & Bruce’s Portside shark dildos. Celebrating the iconic Shark Week on Discovery Channel, these monster cock toys are sure to make a splash! Shot in stunning 3840 x 2160 60fps resolution with a Canon EOS R7, Brooke shares her first impressions of these double dicked delights.

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With Bruce boasting a medium firmness and Bruce’s Portside offering a soft firmness, these shark cocks provide a unique experience. From unboxing to testing, Brooke expertly explores their features, including the absence of suction cups or cum tubes. As a blonde bombshell in the world of sex toy reviews, she dives deeper into the sensations and functionality of these creature-inspired toys.

For those with a love for shark-themed pleasure, this unboxing and review video is a must-watch. Discover Brooke1993’s first encounter with a ‘double dicked’ toy as she delivers her candid opinions on Bad Dragon’s Bruce & Bruce’s Portside. From its connection to Shark Week to its 14:42-minute duration, this 3840×2160 resolution video captures all the excitement of exploring these captivating shark dildos.