Daisy’S Shrunken Colleague by Cutiedaisymay093 Leaked Free

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Video Title: Daisy’s Shrunken Colleague
Model Name: Cutiedaisymay093
Video Duration: 24:09 min
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 779.06 MB

Professor May’s experimental shrink ray goes missing, raising suspicions that her colleague has been shrunk and is somewhere on the floor below her. Fearing for his safety, she meticulously searches with a magnifying glass, carefully avoiding stepping on anyone. After a tense search, she breathes a sigh of relief upon finding her shrunken colleague.

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As Daisy gazes upon her colleague at his reduced size, a devious idea sparks in her mind. What use is a mere colleague when she can have a devoted slave instead? Daisy introduces him to the world of tit and ass worship, exploring her newfound dominance over him. Overwhelmed with desire, she succumbs to temptation, indulging in her own pleasure while her new slave diligently serves her.

However, Daisy soon discovers that tiny people are more fragile than she expected. Realizing that her shrunken colleague has endured enough, she decides to offer him a different fate. Instead of remaining her slave, he will become a revered part of her being as he finds sanctuary in the tummy of his Goddess. This thrilling journey of power, desire, and unexpected consequences will leave you captivated till the very end.