Catching The Belly Burster by Disc0Kitt3N Leaked Free

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Video Title: Catching The Belly Burster
Model Name: Disc0Kitt3N
Video Duration: 09:13 min
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 1.24 GB

In this thrilling and seductive video, undercover Agent Disco takes on one of the world’s most wanted criminals: The Belly Burster. Tasked with capturing him, she must rely on her skills, including her ability to use seduction as a weapon. As Agent Disco approaches her target with handcuffs, she is caught off guard when he snatches them from her, leaving her at his mercy.

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Desperate to prove her worth and secure her freedom, Agent Disco resorts to using her seductive prowess to her advantage. With her hands still bound, she engages in a captivating blowjob, passionately taking in the Belly Burster’s cock until she swallows his load. As the unexpected consequence of their encounter, her belly swells up, resembling a pregnant woman carrying twins. Aware of her value to him now, she pleads with the Belly Burster to honor their agreement and release her from the restraints.

However, just as Agent Disco anticipates her escape, the Belly Burster has other plans. He corners her and starts to fuck her from behind, causing her belly to inflate in real time with every forceful thrust. Her clothes tear, exposing her vulnerable belly button as she desperately begs him not to let her burst. Despite her pleas and whines, the pressure becomes too much, ultimately leading to her untimely demise in a catastrophic burst.