Rubbing Your Pregnant Maid Into Labor by Disc0Kitt3N Leaked Free

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Video Title: Rubbing Your pregnant Maid Into Labor
Model Name: Disc0Kitt3N
Video Duration: 15:51 min
Video Resolution: 1080×1920
File Size: 2.14 GB

Get ready for an intense and unexpected encounter in this leaked video. Your new maid, who happens to be eight months pregnant, arrives a little late but is determined to keep your house sparkling clean. As she diligently cleans every surface, her round belly presses against the mirror, showcasing her growing discomfort. Despite her obvious pain, she insists on continuing her work, until she suddenly collapses to the floor, overwhelmed by her pregnancy pains.

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Desperate for assistance, she calls for your help, and you guide her to a chair. The situation becomes even more surprising when she requests you to use body oil to soothe her aching belly. Curiosity piqued, you can’t resist offering a helping hand, unaware of the unexpected turn this moment will take. As you begin rubbing her belly, a rush of pleasure overtakes her, and she confesses that she lied earlier about the due date. She is actually overdue and feared being sent home if you found out.

With her belly glistening with oil and inches from your body, each stroke elicits a deeper arousal in the pregnant maid. Suddenly, her water breaks with a loud splash, and a bulge appears in her panties. The maid leans over the chair, gasping and begging for help as she enters full-blown labor. This leaked video captures the intense and intimate moments as you offer support and assistance in the unexpected turn of events during her difficult delivery.