Cousins by Emma Choice Leaked Free

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Video Title: cousins
Model Name: Emma Choice
Video Duration: 24:38 min
Video Resolution: 3840×2160
File Size: 4.63 GB

Your mom and aunt had planned a much-anticipated family vacation, intending to reconnect and create lasting memories. Unfortunately, their flight gets delayed, leaving you and your cousin Emma alone in the vacation rental. As you explore the place, you come across a surprising discovery – there’s only one queen bed in the entire apartment. Emma kindly offers to take the couch for the night, planning to figure out a solution once your mom and aunt arrive.

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But as the night unfolds, Emma’s discomfort with the couch grows, and she crawls into bed with you. Explaining that the uncomfortable couch has become her arch-nemesis, she suggests sharing the bed. Though you didn’t spend much time together growing up, there seems to be an undeniable tension building between the sheets. Temptation lingers in the air, and you both give in, unable to resist the mounting desire. Grinding against each other, touching, and whispering, the boundaries of taboo are pushed as the passion between you escalates.

Succumbing to the unspoken desires, the two of you engage in a passionate tryst, exploring multiple angles and intimate positions. The camera captures close-ups and wide shots, ensuring every moment of pleasure is immortalized. Emma surprises you by slowing down the pace, guiding both of you towards a deeply satisfying, slow, and mutually fulfilling orgasm. From simulated hand jobs to virtual sex, this video promises an unforgettable experience, packed with fantasy role play, close connections, and intense pleasure. Watch as Emma Choice takes your breath away in this taboo yet captivating encounter.