Sick Patient Bound And Edged By Nurse by Freshie Juice Leaked Free

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Video Title: Sick Patient Bound and Edged by Nurse
Model Name: Freshie Juice
Video Duration: 22:53 min
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 3.21 GB

In this thrilling medical fetish video, Nurse Freshie is assigned to care for Rooster, a long-suffering patient who has been stricken by a mysterious illness. With the strictest bedside manner in mind, Nurse Freshie utilizes medical bondage to administer the necessary treatment. She expertly ties Rooster, ensuring his immobility, before embarking on a pleasurable journey of edging and play with his impressive member. As she explores his desires, Nurse Freshie also administers her own unique medicine – her saliva, feeding it directly into Rooster’s eager mouth.

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To intensify the experience, Nurse Freshie employs various techniques to keep Rooster under her control. She expertly gags him, placing a rag in his mouth and securing it with vet wrap, microfoam, and electrical tape. With his mouth forced open, Rooster is completely at the mercy of his alluring and dominant nurse. The scene continues with Nurse Freshie skillfully manipulating Rooster’s cock using surgical gloves, teasing him with relentless edging techniques. However, she has no intention of allowing him release too soon, as she wants to prolong their playtime.

As the video unfolds, viewers are treated to a captivating display of medical fetish, bondage, denial, and domination. This tantalizing encounter between Nurse Freshie and her bound patient Rooster offers an immersive experience into the world of BDSM and fetish exploration. The 22-minute affair captures every moment of their intense interaction, offering a visual feast for fans of roleplay, glove fetish, and edging. With a resolution of 1920×1080, viewers can enjoy the full extent of the mesmerizing scenes created by the talented model Freshie Juice.