Fangs by Goddess Joules Opia Leaked Free

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Video Title: FANGS
Model Name: Goddess Joules Opia
Video Duration: 07:45 min
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 455.70 MB

Embark on a haunting journey as you venture alone into the night, seeking solace and clarity. Bathed in the ethereal glow of the full moon, a mysterious path emerges among the dense woods, whispering an irresistible invitation. The rustling leaves and distant owl calls add an eerie ambiance, revealing faint ruins carved into the trees, adorned with enigmatic symbols. Despite their ominous nature, an alluring presence beckons you deeper into the forest, until you discover a bench, bathed in moonlight.

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To your astonishment, you find yourself in the company of a stunning, enigmatic woman whose face is illuminated by the moon. It is here, amidst the mystical atmosphere, that she reveals a life-changing proposition. She declares that the woods open only once a year, granting the honor to a chosen individual, which happens to be you. The woman, possessing immortality herself, offers you the same gift, but with a profound twist. In exchange for eternal life, you must relinquish your manhood and embrace a transformation into a woman.

Caught off guard, you hesitate, grappling with the weight of this decision. But the woman assures you that this extraordinary gift is not optional. In this fateful night, you are destined to become an immortal woman. Surrendering to the allure of magic and the mystery of feminization, you stand on the precipice of an extraordinary journey that will forever alter the course of your existence. Welcome to ‘FANGS,’ a captivating tale of creature of the night, magic transformations, and the bewitching power of Halloween.