The Ultimate Public Wedgies Complete Bundle by Immeganlive Leaked Free

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Model Name: Immeganlive
Video Duration: 01:08:11 hours
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 3.44 GB

Get ready for the ultimate collection of public wedgies with THE ULTIMATE PUBLIC WEDGIES COMPLETE BUNDLE! This exclusive bundle includes all the Public Wedgies videos, from Vol. 1 to Vol. 5, as well as the thrilling Public Ripping Wedgies. With a runtime of 68 minutes, you’ll be treated to one wedgie after another, witnessing the embarrassment and humiliation on the model’s face as she experiences hard and strong wedgies right next to unsuspecting people in public.

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These wedgies are taken to the next level, some even causing her to lose balance and stumble into shelves, dropping multiple items in the process. The adrenalin-filled combination of Pantsing + Wedgies adds an extra spice to the bundle. Filled with wedgie enthusiasts’ favorite keywords, such as granny panties, panty fetish, jeans, leggings, and big ass, this bundle offers a comprehensive experience for fans of this unique genre. By purchasing this complete bundle, you’ll save over 45% compared to buying each video individually!

Featuring Model Name: Immeganlive, the video is presented in stunning 1920×1080 resolution, ensuring you don’t miss any of the action. Although the trailer features the catchy song ‘Wedgie In My Booty’ by Taylor Girlz, the main video focuses solely on the wedgie experience. From walking in public with a visible butt crack to laughing voyeuristically, this bundle explores various scenarios that guarantee both embarrassment and excitement. Whether you’re into amateur videos, submissive roleplay, or enjoy public nudity, the THE ULTIMATE PUBLIC WEDGIES COMPLETE BUNDLE has it all. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique world of wedgies!