Shrinking My Fart Slave by Jeccajacobs Leaked Free

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Model Name: Jeccajacobs
Video Duration: 25:21 min
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 636.05 MB

Welcome to ‘Shrinking My Fart Slave,’ a leaked video that takes you on a truly unconventional journey. In this custom video for Mark, we delve into a surreal world where the protagonist finds himself trapped in a tiny person farm, only to be transported to the house of a spoiled and bratty rich girl. With perverse intentions, she unveils her plan to make him her butthole fart slave. Feeling a mix of fear and uncertainty, he braces himself for what lies ahead as she begins the torment immediately.

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Tied securely by a little string to prevent getting lost, our protagonist experiences a bewildering cycle of being pushed face-first into the girl’s butthole, only to be expelled by her powerful farts, over and over again. Occasionally, she taunts him by leaving him on the edge of her hole, teasingly tucking her thong over him, reminding him that this filth is now his new home. As time goes by, he finds himself overwhelmed by her stinky, smelly, and scorching-hot farts, gradually accepting his fate as a shrunken little fart pet for this audacious brat.

Prepare to be captivated by Jeccajacobs’ enthralling performance in this 25-minute video, ‘Shrinking My Fart Slave.’ Witness the dark and bizarre transformation of our protagonist and his ultimate submission to a life of servitude to the whims of a demanding and spoiled girl. This leaked video will undoubtedly stir a mix of emotions, from shock and disbelief to fascination and fascination. Brace yourself, as you embark on a journey like no other, exploring the strange and twisted desires of a brat and her imprisoned fart slave.