Son Is Shrunken, Then Dominated By Mommy by Linablackly Leaked Free

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Video Title: Son is Shrunken, then Dominated by Mommy
Model Name: Linablackly
Video Duration: 22:13 min
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 3.12 GB

Indulge in the forbidden fantasy of watching Mommy get dressed as she accidentally catches you in the act. Feel the tension dissipate as you confide in her, expressing your concerns about the notorious shrinking virus. Reassuringly, Mommy assures you that everything will be fine, but under one condition – the signing of a document that essentially grants her ownership over your body.

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However, the next day, Mommy discovers the document you signed, only to find her name replaced by the initials ‘MO.’ Visibly irritated, she realizes your actions have consequences. But then, her attention is drawn to your shrunken form, and a wicked plan starts to take shape in her mind. From that moment on, you will become Mommy’s personal plaything, joining the ranks of your uncle and brother. When not being used for her pleasure, you will be trapped in a jar, ensuring your absolute compliance.

Prepare for an intense experience as Mommy demands your obedience, ordering you to pleasure yourself while she enjoys the sight. It is only after you’ve succumbed to her desires that she plans to consume you and the others. But remember, if you want to avoid the depths of her intimate embrace, you must remain on your best behavior before the looming consultation. Failure to comply may result in an unforgettable fate, plunging you deep into the confines of Mommy’s insatiable desires.