24 Hour Slave Contest: Entry by Missalikawhite Leaked Free

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Video Title: 24 Hour Slave Contest: Entry
Model Name: Missalikawhite
Video Duration: 11:53 min
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 940.96 MB

Welcome to the thrilling 24 Hour Slave Contest! Are you ready to prove yourself as the ultimate obedient slave? Prepare to showcase your unwavering devotion and earn the chance to be considered by the captivating Missalikawhite. This exclusive competition grants you the opportunity to display your submissive nature through a variety of tasks – from humiliation to chastity, pain to gooning, and much more.

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With a comprehensive list of tasks at your disposal, you have the freedom to choose which challenges to undertake within a strict 24-hour timeframe. Each task carries varying point values, allowing you to strategize and maximize your score. Remember to document your accomplishments meticulously and provide proof for selected higher scoring assignments. Once completed, simply message Missalikawhite with the comprehensive list of tasks you successfully accomplished and the respective points you earned.

Later, Missalikawhite will release a captivating follow-up clip to reveal your performance in comparison to other dedicated subs. Only the most worthy candidates will be unveiled, showcasing their potential to become the perfect slave for Missalikawhite. Embrace this incredible opportunity to demonstrate your obedience and dedication, and step closer to fulfilling your submissive aspirations.