Realtwhore~ Showing Rick The Bachelor His New Pad Full by Paris Knight Leaked Free

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Video Title: RealtWHORE~ Showing Rick The Bachelor His New Pad FULL
Model Name: Paris Knight
Video Duration: 02:26 min
Video Resolution: 1280×720
File Size: 202.50 MB

Join Realtor Paris Knight as she takes on her first ever showing with client Rick, the eligible bachelor. Eager to impress, Paris guides Rick through the house, showcasing its unique features and amenities. However, things take an unexpected turn when Rick’s flirty behavior hints at a potential connection between them. Could there be more than just business on the table?

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As the showing continues, Paris leads Rick to the luxurious Master Suite, highlighting its stunning bathroom with a brand new shower. Their close proximity in the tight space ignites a moment of accidental contact, leaving Paris surprised by the impressive size and hardness of Rick’s cock. Temptation takes over, and Paris finds herself giving in to the heat of the moment, while still coming to terms with the unprofessional turn her first showing took.

Embarrassed yet captivated by their encounter, Paris carries on with the rest of the showing, determined to maintain her composure. However, little does she know that Rick has more in store. In the dining room, their desire reignites, and they give in to their carnal instincts. Passionate and uninhibited, Paris and Rick explore each other atop the dining room table, indulging in the pleasure their undeniable connection brings. This full video offers a unique glimpse into the world of real estate where boundaries become blurred, and desires find their way to the forefront.