Dinner Table Farts by Ryanfarts Leaked Free

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Video Title: Dinner Table Farts
Model Name: Ryanfarts
Video Duration: 05:56 min
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 646.92 MB

Prepare to be entertained as you join me at the dinner table in this hilarious and unconventional video. My boyfriend is cooking me a delicious meal, and I am absolutely famished. Little did I know that my excessive milk consumption would lead to an unexpected series of farting episodes. Sitting down to eat, I accidentally unleash a massive, cheek-rumbling fart and quickly apologize. But, to my surprise (and possibly your amusement), it doesn’t stop there.

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Throughout the video, I candidly chat about various topics while repeatedly letting out loud and nose-tingling farts. The stench becomes so overpowering that I can’t help but plug my nose, struggling to maintain a straight face. Determined to get all these farts out, I even take things to the next level. Standing on the chair, I release another fifteen farts, each one bigger than the last. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, I climb onto the table, exposing my derriere, and unleash another twenty farts directly into the camera.

The excitement doesn’t end there! To truly fulfill your deepest fart fetish desires, I even demonstrate stomach farting, a challenging feat that I skillfully conquer. As the video nears its end, I save the best for last. I let out a final, epic fart that lasts a whopping twenty seconds, pleasantly laced with a wet sound effect. Now, I invite you to join me in this unforgettable adventure of digestive acoustics and spontaneous laughter. With my unparalleled content, I proudly claim the title of the best fart fetish girl in the last five years!