Your Sister’S Diapered Nightmare by Sugary Little Leaked Free

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Video Title: Your Sister’s Diapered Nightmare
Model Name: Sugary Little
Video Duration: 01:15:51 hours
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
File Size: 3.25 GB

In this intriguing video, you find yourself living with your two sisters, Luna and Lila. Unfortunately, Luna has been plagued by nightmares ever since watching a horror movie, resulting in unsettling bed-wetting episodes. Despite your attempts to find a solution, Luna continually wakes up with wet sheets, leaving you frustrated. However, when Luna requests that you and her sister sleep with her, you propose a condition to alleviate your concerns: she must wear protective pull-ups.

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Although initially embarrassed, Luna agrees to wear the pull-ups with the support of her understanding sister, Lila. You kindly purchase different pull-ups for Luna, and the three of you prepare for bed, with Luna sandwiched between you and Lila. As you begin to drift off to sleep, Lila suddenly wakes you up with an unexpected revelation. Expressing curiosity about the sensation of wetness, Lila confesses her desire to wet the pull-ups and persuades you to engage in some playfulness.

Overwhelmed by temptation, you engage in a passionate encounter with Lila, ensuring Luna remains undisturbed. Surprisingly, Luna awakens the next morning having wet her ninja-themed pajamas. Recognizing the need for extended protection, Luna’s sister suggests she wear pull-ups regularly, and despite initial resistance, Luna eventually complies. Subsequently, both sisters roam freely in goodnites without pants, evidently embracing their new attire. This steamy adventure continues with Lila purposely wetting herself, causing a floor-soaking accident. Determined to resolve their shared dilemma, the sisters devise a plan involving reenacting Luna’s nightmares. Despite initial shock, Luna willingly participates, allowing you to take control. As the night unfolds, Luna discovers pleasure within the fear, leading to an unexpected outcome – no more nightmares for her, but both sisters now find solace in diapers.